SCHILDER Systems GmbH was founded in 2007 by Mr. Manfred Seeleitner. Since 1976, he has been an active member of the volunteer fire department in Oberndorf.

The idea for a modular hose bridge came to the innovative entrepreneur during a fire fighting operation. Patents were registered and awarded. Products are available for purchase from SCHILDER Systems GmbH.

Our Team

Working for you


OVI Manfred Seeleitner

Member of the volunteer fire dept. in Oberndorf since 1976. Youth fire brigade event organizer for many years. Tinkerer and inventor of the patented aluminum modular hose bridge.


OBI Alexander Rabold

Member of the Oberndorf volunteer fire dept. since 1996 and Deputy Commander since 2010 and has many years of operational experience. At SCHILDER Systeme, responsible for UV prints and graphics.


OLm Andreas Umlauf

Member of the volunteer fire dept. in Oberndorf since 2000; driving instructor, fire department diver, high-altitude rescuer with the Oberndorf volunteer fire department.


Excellent Quality Meets Efficiency

Our patented hose bridges are made from aluminum extrusion profiles. These are cut to the correct length using saw machines.

Anti-slip rubber ensures the required grip and hold.

The adhesive safety symbols provide optimal reflection from car headlights by day as well as night.

For efficiency and safety on the road!

For efficiency and safety on the road!