Modular hose bridge out of aluminum

During firefighting operations, numerous hoses are laid over the street. So that the traffic can flow quickly, hose bridges are used. The modular hose bridge, made of aluminum and with a drive-over height of 60 mm and a flat 18° ramp, is a new design. Driving over the bridge is therewith child’s play for less experienced drivers. The drive-over width is variable. Expanding the bridge with additional modules ensures that a car and truck can drive over without having to move the bridge sections. The flat height of only 60mm also allows sport cars to easily dive over.

Through the modular construction, the sections of the aluminum hose bridge can be stored in a practical transport case, which easily fits in any emergency vehicle. In the transport case, they are transported comfortably. The standard set with 4 modules for 2 B-hoses weighs only 19.2 kg. A further advantage is the transport case can also be used for traffic safety. When the case is set up, it becomes a traffic symbol. When illuminated in the dark, the foil reflects and the hose bridges can be better seen.

Placing the modular hose bridge sections is simple. Rubber grips on the bottom of the modules ensure that the hose bridges lay securely on the road and without slipping. The rubber grips can be replaced when worn.

The modules for 2 B-hoses are designed with a 75 mm diameter, but with the tunnel modules, they can be expanded by any number of B-hoses and on/off ramps.

By covering the tunnel sections with an aluminum module cover, the hose bridge is converted to a cable bridge.

The standard firefighting configuration is the 2B-4M set. It consists of four modules for two B-hoses with a drive-over width of 55cm, which are stored in a space-saving transport case of 60 x 40 x 18.5 cm.