Setup & Maintenance Instructions

Traffic Safety

  • Using the transport case (for stability, it is recommended to place a hose in the case)
  • The reflective foil with warning symbols are highly visible in the dark when illuminated by headlights.

Spacing and Placement

  • The length or width of the transport case is half the distance between the bridge sections.
  • By moving the bridge sections, the track width can be adjusted.
  • Use the transport case to provide traffic safety.
  • Ensure that the ground is level as possible.

Storage in the Transport Case
Maintenance and Warnings

  • Ensure that the hinge connections of ramps and bridge sections are clean, as high contamination can cause damage.
  • In winter, remove road salt to prevent corrosion.
  • Replace worn rubber grips (accessory Z-6G)
  • Hose bridges cannot be forcibly bent.
  • The hose bridges cannot be placed in depressions.